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  • The Advisory Committee of the project is formed

    The second stage of the world tour of the mega-canvas has begun! The preparations for the exhibition at the Moscow Merchant Yard (Gostiny Dvor), which is going to be held during 12-15 August 2013, are going on at full speed.

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  • "The Path to Peace"

    Lekim Ibragimov has become a member of the International Art Exhibition "The Path to Peace" organized in honor of the 10th anniversary of the organization "Journey for Peace" (in the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization).

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  • The 1001 Art Project has applied to the Guinness World Records

    Guinness World Records Committee is considering the application of the “One thousand angels and one painting” project which was submitted last week to the art category.

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This is the beginning of the second stage of the "One Thousand Angels and One Painting" project world tour! 

The second stage of «Thousand Angels and One Painting» mega-canvas journey  has been completed and it is time to sum up.

From 12 to 15 August, everyone could come to Gostiny Dvor  in Moscow to witness the scale of the project and among the thousands of angels to find her . The second stage of the journey pattern in many ways surpassed the first. This is an unprecedented number of visitors, as well as close attention to such prominent media as EuroNews, Russia 24 , Culture , Russia Today, the agency Itar-Tass, and many others, art critics and art historians. Here is what they write about the project "One Thousand Angels and One Painting»

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About Project

DemoMagic tales from «One thousand and one nights» reached us from the remote past. With amazing perfection they reflect an extremely delicate understanding of the world by the peoples of orient, expressing this understanding by means of effortless wordplay. 
By virtue of the translation by Antoine Galland, Europe is acquainted with this greatest monument of verbal art of oriental peoples for more than 250 years. «One thousand and one nights» have largely influenced the world literature and art. Oriental tales were inspiring Charles Montesquieu, Christoph Wieland, Wilhelm Hauff, Alfred Tennyson, Charles Dickens, and Alexander Pushkin. A whimsical ornament of stories, profoundness and extremely delicate poetry of the tales used to be independent from time: in our century of information technologies they continue to attract and inspire painters. Thus, the project «Thousand and one painting» is in the same raw with the pieces of art flavoring the spicy aroma of «One thousand and one nights».

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We are in Prague

Praha Exhibition center

Mega-canvas "One Thousand Angels and One Painting" of the world renown artist Lekim Ibragimov for the first time will be presented to public on 9th of July 2012 in Prague at Incheba Praha Exhibition center. The exhibition will last till 21st of July 2012.

Address of the Incheba Praha Exhibition center: Prague 7 – Holesovice

Working hours: from 10-00 till 18-00



By train: the Exhibition center could be reached by trains going to the following stations: Hlavni nadrazi, Masarykovo nadrazi, Nadrazi Smichov, Nadrazi Holesovice

By bus: №119 till the following bus stops Praha Holesovice, Praha Smichov, Praha Florenc, Praha Cerny.

By tram: use the tram № 5, 12, 14, 15 or 17 and get off at Vystavist. All these trams pass the metro station Nadrazi Holesovice (red line С of metro).

By plane: the main airport of Prague, then by bus №119, by tram № 5, 12, 14, 15, 17, 26, or by taxi.

By car: highway № 600, then Slanska (road N48) Karlovarska, Belohorska (Brevnov), Patockova, Milady Horakove (Letna), Veletrzni, Dukelskych hrdinu.

Why Prague?

The author and organizers of the project from the beginning decided that the canvas should be exhibited in the cities included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.  Proposals were sent to the municipalities of some of these cities, and Prague was the first responded. As Lekim said  “There is something special, predestined, as the capital of the Czech Republic called "the heart of Europe" and that's where the canvas begins its journey around the world. It is known that Prague is called “The city of 100 towers. I hope that after our exhibition it will be called “The city of 100 towers and 1000 angels”.

Why Incheba Praha?

The choice of the exhibition place was not accidental, because Incheba Praha one of the biggest and oldest European exhibition centers. This is also the first in the history of the exhibition complex of Prague, which was opened in 1891, on the occasion of the Universal Jubilee exhibition. Its current appearance Centre has acquired in the mid-twentieth century. It covers an area of about 40 hectares. Every year there shall be held not less than 50 international exhibitions. In addition to them and Exhibition Centre is hosting fashion shows, concerts, banquets, conferences, seminars and presentations.

The Central place of the Incheba Praha is the Industrial Palace, which consists of the main part with the 51-meter chapel, which is adjacent to the two wings. Since it’s founding in the late nineteenth century and up to the present time the Palace remains the main venue of the majority of trade fairs and exhibitions. And on the square in front of the Industrial Palace in luxurious Art Nouveau style the mega-canvas "One Thousand Angels and One Painting" will be installed

City map.
 Расположение экспозиции


We are in Prague

About Author

Surprisingly, but Lekim Ibragimov had no prerequisites for beginning his creative activity and becoming world-famous. He was born in 1945 in a small village (Kichik Dehan village of the Uygur district of Almaty region in Kazakhstan) in the family of ordinary school teachers. There were no museums or art clubs in the area where he lived. However, his parents were investing their souls in fostering Lekim. His father was fond of reading and this hobby has defined the live of his son. In the books brought by his father, Lekim, being a boy, managed to discern his true vocation. His complicated path to become the artist has started when he began copying the book illustrations. It was followed by designing the wall newspapers during his school years school. And when, Lekim decides to stake it all. So, in 1962 he goes to Almaty trying to enter the art school. It was not surprising that he has failed the exam: I just was not prepared, explains Lekim.

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